Safer together

Whenever you sail aboard The Norwegian Coastal Express, whether for 12 days or a few hours, your safety is our highest priority. A range of measures is in place, designed to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and other contagious respiratory diseases. We’ll constantly update these practices based on the latest guidelines from the Norwegian health authorities.

What to do before embarkation?

Travel advice

It is your responsibility to ensure you follow the entry – and travel requirements from the Norwegian government, also for domestic travel. 

Covid-19 testing

All guests over the age of 12 years old - regardless of their vaccination status – must be tested with a rapid test when boarding or show proof of a negative PCR or rapid antigen test taken before boarding. The test must be taken within the last 36 hours before you embark the ship. Please note that self-tests are not accepted. 

All tickets must be pre-booked

All travelers must pre-book tickets – also for short voyages without a cabin. To ensure the best possible infection control, all tickets and cabins must be pre-booked more than two hours before the ship arrives at the port of departure. Information about the sailing schedule and the ship’s arrival - and departure times can be found on this page. 

Show up at least 15 minutes before departure

To avoid delays, all guests must be ready for boarding no later than 15 minutes before departure in all ports. If you board the ship in Bergen, you need to be in the terminal no later than 30 minutes before departure. 

Test before you leave home

We strongly recommend that guests take a COVID-19 test before travelling to Norway. This reduces the risk of isolating away from home if you test positive.  


All guests who embark our ships have to complete a self-declaration form where they confirm that they are not subject to quarantine regulations, that they have not been in recent close contact with someone infected with COVID-19, and that you don’t have symptoms of COVID-19. 


You cannot travel with us if you are in quarantine, regardless of if it’s quarantine due to entering Norway, quarantine due to close contacts with COVID-19, or any other reason. If you arrive from abroad, it is the guest’s responsibility to make sure you are not subject to entry quarantine regulations. 


You cannot travel with us if you have symptoms of COVID-19. 

On Board

Social distancing

All guests must keep at least one meter of social distancing to others. 

Face masks

Face masks must be worn in all public areas and during embarkation and disembarkation.  

Hand washing

All guests are asked to maintain good hand hygiene, and to wash hands regularly. You are required to wash or sanitize your hands before all meals. Hand sanitizer is available all over the ship.  

COVID-19 symptoms

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms or suspect that you might be infected during your voyage, please immediately self-isolate in your cabin and alert the reception desk. 

Testing onboard

We have rapid tests on board and can test you if you suspect you may be infected. 

Temperature scanner

We have contactless scanners that will measure your body temperature at the gangway and at the entrances to all restaurants. 


All our ships have a trained nurse on board. The nurse and crew on board are responsible for following up all suspected cases of infection. 


Our already strict cleaning protocols have been further strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic. We routinely clean and disinfect cabins and surfaces in public areas. 


Our crew is tested at the beginning of their work period as well as regularly on board.  

Air conditioning

We use air conditioning systems that provide constant air supply - the air is not recycled. 

If you test positive

If you test positive for COVID-19 on board, we will cooperate with local health authorities to transport you to a quarantine facility ashore. 

Excursions and going ashore

Infection control

We have the same infection control measures during shore excursions as we do on board. We recommend that all our guest wear face masks when going ashore.  

Changes to the portfolio

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our excursion portfolio may change at short notice if the infection situation and our infection control measures change.  

Please note that our infection control measures may change on short notice, both before and during your voyage. We continuously monitor the situation and the Norwegian governments regulations and recommendations.